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Forest Department of Kota is inviting young people for novel plantation drives

Plantation drives in Kota is no new concept, but this one by Forest Department aims to connect people with the environment through interesting activities.

Kota City is undergoing a massive facelift in terms of infrastructure development. With this rapid development, there is also a growing need to preserve green areas in & around the city.

Forest Department of Rajasthan has been very prompt in realizing this & has mapped out a plan to involve the youth of Kota in various activities for forest & environment conservation.

To bring this in action, many plantation drives, environment conservation & educational activities, nature walks & more are being planned starting from 11th April.

The goal of these activities is to develop a sense of responsibility in the citizens of Kota towards environment conservation.

We want people from the city to establish a strong connection with nature & forests by the simple act of planting trees and taking care of them

Ravi Kumar Meena, DCF Kota

Dr. Sudhir Gupta who has been very active in the cleaning Chambal campaign is also strongly promoting this new initiative.

On asking what are his thoughts about these plantation drives, he said, “This is a great opportunity for youth in Kota to involve themselves in these plantation drives and spend some time in nature during weekends doing fruitful things which will be beneficial for the city in times to come.

These plantation drives in Kota & other related activities have a crucial role to play in creating a pleasant & livable environment in Kota.

Next Plantation drive is on 11th April. To join, contact: Jai – 8826606304.

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