August 19 is celebrated as the World Photography Day all across the globe.

This special days gives us more reasons to celebrate & appreciate this incredible artform.

Let’s get to know 3 Photographers from Kota whose work captivate our attention & leaves us spellbound every single time!

Mayank Chittora

Mayank is a hobbyist minimalist photographer from Kota whose work will leave you awe-inspired. He says, “Minimalism is simple, eye-pleasing and I find more in less because less is more!”

Let’s have a look at his journey of being a minimalist photographer –

“Initially, I started with Street Photography around 3 years ago. I liked compositions with less elements in it, that’s where I started practicing ‘Less is More’ Photography. And as I explored more, I came to know about the various types of Minimalism in Minimalist Photography. It has been 2+ years now that I’m practicing Minimalist Photography on my phone’s camera and I wish to practice it as my hobby for the rest of my life. My only motive behind every picture I take is that it should please the viewer’s eyes. Less clutter, more pleasure.”

Ayush Singh

Ayush is a portrait photographer and independent filmmaker from Kota, Rajasthan, based in Mumbai.

Here’s how he describes his adventures with his lens

“The first time I picked up a camera was in 8th standard, but life had some engineering plans for me. Fortunately, I really enjoyed college & also used the time to learn more about art. Over the years, I turned my hobby into passion and passion into profession. For me, the best part about my work is having the opportunity to meet different kinds of people. I believe we all have a story to tell, and I share pieces of mine through my visuals.”


Curator and Photographer, Varun is a commercial and advertising photographer from Kota, based in New Delhi.

He assisted noted Indian Fashion Photographer Tarun Khiwal from 2016-2018 before venturing out as an independent artist.

His photographs speak more of him than any string of words ever can. Here are some glimpses of his awe-inspiring work.

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