A film based on folklore of Hadoti region is going to be premiered on 18th March

Sangod is a small village in Hadoti region of Rajasthan where something mystical happens every year. The whole village becomes the stage and every villager an actor.
Come, let’s explore the story of this village through the medium of a film “Nhaan” which is going to be premiered on 18th March at Kota Art Gallery, 7 PM onwards.
Watch the Promo of the Film here

About the Film
Nhaan is a documentary film based on the folklore of Hadoti region of Rajasthan, India. It is a mix of theater, drama, music, the occult, mythology, and religion. The story is set in the small village of Sangod, once widely known for its exorcists and occultism.

The motive of this film, as told by the film-makers, is to explore the Hadoti region on many levels. It archives the folk music and ballads of the region and folk festival of Sangod which is a bizarre phenomenon in itself.

The makers of the film are confident that this piece of visual drama will open world’s eyes towards the unknown region of Rajasthan, its music, and cultures.
We wish lots of luck to the makers of the “Nhaan” on their incredible work of bringing this less-known story of a village into mainstream space through the medium of a film. We’re definitely going for the screening of “Nhaan” and you should too!
The premiere of the film Nahan is a part of a 3 Day Photography Exhibition called “Mapping Cultures” which will open on 17th and will continue till 19th evening.

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