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Kota Schools Art Exhibition

Every year Kota Schools Art Exhibition is organized at Kota Art Gallery.

The purpose of the Schools Art Exhibitions is to simply encourage creative education in schools and to help students discover & develop an interest in various art forms.

The first Kota Schools Art Exhibition was organized in 2015.

And since then, it has been organized every year in the month of January by the Kota Heritage Society.

What is Kota Schools Art Exhibition

It is a small festival that celebrates art. The main purpose of the Schools Art Exhibition is to involve school students & provide them with a platform to discover, learn & display art.

It is an annual event that takes place in January and goes on for a minimum of 3 days.

Various schools – private & government participate in the exhibition with their students & teachers.

During the 3 days, different art activities take place and students take part in them with enthusiasm. Students also get to display their art at the end of the exhibition in the Art Gallery.

Who organizes Kota Schools Art Exhibition

Kota Heritage Society has been the initiator & main organizer of this exhibition.

Victoria Singh, who is the Secretary of Kota Heritage Society, plans the various activities that take place during the exhibition with the help of many volunteers.

Madan Meena, a senior artist and painter from Kota, adds important elements to the exhibition to make it interesting & different every year.

Various other organizations like Lalit Kala Academy, Indian Institute of Craft & Design, Eklavya, Sachetan, Kota City Blog have contributed to multiple editions of this exhibition.

What’s special about it

Every year, we see something completely new happening at Schools Art Exhibition. Like in the 4th Edition, the theme was Sports & Traditional Games which is brilliant & bold for an art exhibition.

It’s also interesting to see different schools participating in an exhibition when competition is not even on the agenda.

For the past 2 years, Kota Schools Art Exhibition couldn’t take place because of the pandemic. We hope it gets organized in 2022.

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