Happy Kota- Pharrell Williams’s Happy [ We are from Kota ]

If you’re from Kota City and you’ve not seen happy kota video, then you’ve got to be more updated.

This video got viral on social media and people of the city loved it insanely.

Hope you’ll also enjoy the Pharrell Williams’s Happy version of Kota.

Pharrell Williams’ Happy videos were made of different cities all across the world. This is Kota Version of Pharrell William’s Happy – We are from Kota!

It was one of the best Pharrel William Happy Rajasthan Videos.

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Hey… Next time you create something like this… Please contact me… I’m dying for some film making action in kota. I have a Cambridge authorized level 2 diploma and an extended certificate in film and media from London and a lot of film making experience. I’m just not getting enough opportunities to make films here. Thank you.

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