A complete guide to Gagron Fort – The Only Hill & Water Fort of Rajasthan

Rajasthan is famous for its royal legacy. The forts, palaces, museums and other historical sites are what attract tourists worldwide to visit this state of kings. 

While palaces of Jodhpur and Jaipur are quite famous among tourists, there are a number of lesser known forts in the state which definitely deserve the limelight. One such fort is the Gagron Fort of Jhalawar. 

Surrounded by hills and water, Gagron Fort is among the six forts of Rajasthan which have been listed under UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

Let’s take a sneak-peak at what makes the fort so special and why you should visit it?

Unique Architecture

Surrounded by Ahu, Kali and Sindh rivers on three sides, Gagron fort is the only hill and water fort of rajasthan. Built without foundation, this fort is one of its kind and is also called as ‘jaladurga’.

The fort has two main entrances, one leading to the waterfront, the other to the hills.

Gagron Fort holds a number of beautiful sites in its premises, including deewan-khaas, deewan-e-aam, Madhusudan mandir and Rang Mahal along with temples of Lord Shiva, Ganesh and Siren Durga.

History and the Story of Jauhar

Much like every other rajput fort in the country, the fort of Gagron also has a strong and brave history. Built by king Bijal dev in the 12th century, the fort was ruled by the Khinchi dynasty for 300 years. Achaldas was the last ruler of the khinchi clan to rule this magnificent fort.

In 1423 AD, Sultan Hoshangshah attacked the fort with his huge army of 30 thousand horsemen, 85 thousand elephants and numerous soldiers. All this signalled to nothing but a blatant defeat of king Achaldas. However, the king refused to surrender and fought till his last breath. With the demise of the king, thousands of  women from the state, embraced the glaring flames of fire and succumbed to death in order to protect their self respect.

Gagron fort, in its long history, has witnessed 14 wars and 2 jauhars in total. Its spirit stands strong even today.

How To Reach

There are various routes to reach the fort including railways and roadways . You can choose either of them as per your convenience.

Gagron Fort, Jhalawar is a beautiful work of architecture with a number of stories hidden in its archaic walls. If you are someone who loves to explore art and history, we definitely suggest you to visit Gagron Fort.

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