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Last Day to visit Facets India’s exhibition of Diamond & Real Polki Jewellery

Facets Jewellery India, a jewellery brand from Kota, is known for its finest Diamond & Real Polki Jewellery.

This season, they are exhibiting their affordable range of Jewellery and we must say, it’s pretty impressive & exquisite.

The exhibition is ending on 15th August, that is today so plan a quick visit to their store & get something unique that amplifies your personality!

Savings Plan by Facets India

Sanchit Dhan Jewellery Purchase Plan is a savings plan launched by Facets for the first to make purchasing jewellery more feasible and accessible to people. Anyone can earn up to 10% return on your investment which is more than most of the investment options out there.
Minimum monthly instalments starting from just Rs 2000/-.

You can invest for 1 year where you only have to pay for 11 months and earn 100% of 1-month instalment, i.e. 1 month free. Similarly, if you invest for 2years, you only have to pay for 22 months and get 200% of the 1-month instalment i.e. 2 months instalment value free.

Also, Facets Jewellery India is offering other additional benefits and discounts on making charges coming under this plan.

Kota Address of Facets Jewellery India

Contact Number of Facets Jewellery India

Ph: +91,9929112303

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