Kota or ‘Cowta’ ? Cows on every road

When we think about Kota as a city with respect to cows, what comes to our mind at the very instance……..mmmmm!! cows loitering on roads, people saving themselves from tripping over the dozen cows who have decided to sit together in the middle of a very busy road. Or a faded memory of a cow running to win a race, god knows who is judging.

Roads of Kota City

That’s why I got a perfect substitute for Kota that is “Cowta”.

Here the roads are full of cows; I know cows are a holy animal in Hinduism and we worship them. But we don’t want to worship them while we are rushing to complete some important task or going to our workplace.

One of the most important things is that cows have been the backbones of Indian families and the Indian agricultural system ever since the dawn of human civilization. Without Cow, the Indian agriculture in those days was as good as gone, and this was one of the prime reasons why Hindu worshippers also worshipped Cow.

But are we really worshipping them by leaving them on roads which can also lead to an accident, which may hurt anybody from a cow to a human being?

Nagar Nigam Kota

The direction in which we are leading our country is not the most appropriate one. And what exactly are we teaching to our younger generation? On one side we are run “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan” and on the other side, we are leaving cows in the open like this…

I want to ask. to whom are we lying to the nation or ourselves?

Now if I talk in terms of ‘Kota cows’, they rule Kota roads. They are all over the place, they are omnipresent in Kota, just like “Radhika Apte” is on Netflix (nowadays)…… Chavni, Borkheda, Dhanmandi, Vasant Vihar & Rampura, near my house, below the bridge downtown.

The milkmen in India, let their cows roam freely as they believe that it will save them from paying for the cow’s food. The fodder which they feed to the cattle comes moderately expensive. The cows move from one house to the other (as there is a scarcity of green lush grass field in cities) to get fed by the people living in the houses.

Another reason for cows roaming freely on roads is due to the indifference of local governing bodies.

The government needs to wake up to the situation. It’s the right time to take a strong step for the safety of cow & human beings and to keep our society clean.

At last, I want to say.

”  Give Kota clean look to maintain the Dream Book “.

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