Quest For Best Kachori Ends Here! Know these 5 Most Celebrated Shops of Kota

Best Kachori in Kota.
Kota Kachori is a brand, not just in Kota but all around the country. Here are 5 best Kachori shops in Kota.

New in Kota? Wondering what is all the fuss about Kota ki kachori? Or bored of your regular Kachori place, and want to try something new? 

Whatever be the problem, you don’t need to worry! We have searched the whole city and curated a list of best Kachori shops in Kota for you! But before that, all the newbies in town, read below what a kachori actually is?

Kachori is not just a savory dish, but an emotion to kotaites. Many believe that the secret ingredient which makes them so special is the water of the Chambal river. Kota Kachori is a brand, not just in Kota but all around the country.

The people of Rajasthan like spicy food and our kachoris are no exception, it is capable of bringing tears to your eyes. Yes, it is spicy, but don’t worry, combine it with some sweet chutney and not only the taste of your kachori will increase but the explosion of flavors will make you want more. 

Check out these 5 best Kachori shops in Kota, and satisfy your taste buds with a new experience altogether.

1. Dal Kachori at Suwalal

This shop can be treated as a historical place for kachoris. The Suwalal Kachori shop is among the earliest shops in Kota and their legacy of fresh and delicious kachoris are still favorite of the city. They spread the magic of taste through four shops in the city.

Price: 10


2. Kachoris at Ratan Sev Bhandar

The fragrance of hot and spicy kachoris won’t let you pass through this shop without stopping for a quick bite.

These kachoris are ideal to ignite your taste buds and please them at the same time.

The chutney (sauce) served adds a distinct flavour which increases the taste of kachoris. They also have multiple locations in the city. 

Price: 10


3. Pyaaz Kachori at Jodhpur Namkeens

If there’s one thing that gets your mouth watering just as you think about it, it’s definitely pyaaz kachori made by Jodhpur namkeens. Any time you go to get them, they’ll always be hot and ready to treat your taste buds.

Price: 25

Location: Shop no. 406, in front of gumanpura petrol pump

4. Kadi Kachori at Krishna’s

Can’t tolerate the spices of Rajasthani kachoris? Worry not! We’ve got you covered.Here kachoris are served with hot kadi and are topped with small pakodis which makes it a perfect match for your not so spicy but amazingly flavorsome kachori experience.

Price: 10

Location: Tulsi Market, C. A. D. Circle

5. Miniature Kachoris at Ratlami

Worrying about missing kachori when you leave Kota? Well, don’t! Because Ratlamis have the perfect solution for you. They make tasty small kachoris which last longer so that you can easily carry them for days. 

Price: 200 per Kg

Location: Shop No. 39, Jhalawar Road, Arodrome Circle

Share with us your first kachori experience and your go-to place for hot spicy kachoris in Kota. You can also share pictures of your favorite Kachori in Kota with us on Instagram by tagging us @kotacityblog.

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