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You Can Pursue your Dream Life, Only if You are Disciplined

In my family, I have got some ambitious souls who desire to make a living for themselves and lead their lives in such a way so that they can attract abundance ✨️✨️

When I asked one of them,

Why aren’t you working for yourself, why aren’t you pursuing your dreams?”

The Dream Life

 She said, she doesn’t get time.

I asked her what her normal day looks like? Did she prepare the Daily Action Report?

She said, she hasn’t. And, she is unable to find out why she is not getting time for herself.

I asked her to prepare the Daily Action Report (DAR). This will bring before her eyes all the reasons as to why she is not able to find ANY time for herself.

After a while, she was talking to one of her co-sister (we were at a function where I was having this conversation with her) how much she loves BIG BOSS and she never misses a single episode of it. She further went on to talk about which celebrity she hates & which celebrity she loves the most.

I noticed her talking for 5-minutes & then I said,

You have time to watch BIG BOSS but you don’t have time for yourself?

She said, I don’t watch BIG BOSS in my free time, I do it while setting my almirah.

I said to her,

 If you will set your almirah WITHOUT watching BIG BOSS, your almirah will be set within less time.

Moreover, you can ask your husband to fold your clothes (her husband is very supportive of her career unlike her in-laws) and save that time for yourself ���

I asked her to stop watching BIG BOSS.

Besides, I told her, in her entire day, it’s highly possible that she finds such moments for herself which she can use for her work & can get petty households’ tasks done from someone else.

I asked her to figure out such moments through Daily Action Report (DAR) and seize them.

Takeaway from this section of conversation

��� We spend a lot of time doing what we DON’T need to do, especially gossiping & watching the shows that don’t serve us.

���We think ”What a mere half an hour or 1-hr can do for us? (If luckily we have got that time) and for the whole day we crib about we don’t get time for ourselves.

��� We spend a lot of time thinking we don’t have time and we crib about it, instead of thinking deeply about what we really NEED to do in our life? What’s it that I want to do?

As a result, we end up doing NOTHING even if we do get some time for ourselves.

More than anything else, in order to work effectively & churn out ‘more working hours’ (or time for self), you NEED to work on your MINDSET”.

What We NEED to Do? 

  ���Firstly, We NEED to know what we want to do in our life so that we can use whatever time we have judiciously.


When we know what we want to do, we are in a position to tell our partner about it loud & clear & are able to plan things out along with him/her.

Thus, things become comparatively easier.

Also, when we know what we want to do, we are able to arrange the ACTIONS WE NEED TO TAKE into our daily routine.


If our goal asks us to call 5-6 people regularly, we can call them while commuting or while cooking (while cooking vegetables or preparing other kinds of stuff that doesn’t require 100% action from our side till the time food is being prepared.)

If we need to prepare the content, we can think about what we need to write while doing other chores. This is what I do normally.

But since we never deep think about what we want, we end up doing NOTHING even if we find 3-4 hrs for ourselves in a day, in breaks.

 ��� Secondly, read books, watch shows/youtube videos, podcasts that would help you to BUILD GROWTH MINDSET and will help you to watch/read & focus on what’s important.

Stop watching shows/reading books that don’t serve you beyond entertainment. This will save a lot of time of yours.

(On an avg. We spend around 2-3 hrs watching/reading stuff that doesn’t serve us).

Use those 2-3 hrs judiciously.

 ���Thirdly,  We always focus on the negatives of the situation instead of focusing on the POSITIVES.


  ���We think more about the NON-SUPPORTIVE situations rather than focusing on the elements that are SUPPORTING  US  to pursue our dreams/career.

Thus, we  always get no time for ourselves and we face challenging situations time & again.

  ��� We criticise a lot. If something is not working for us, we will go on to talk about that particular thing for days… & we will ensure we have told everyone about it.

That’s the amazing ��� talent we humans have got ���

We humans fail to understand one simple law of The Universe, i.e. What goes around, comes around (read THE SECRET – ATTRACTION by Rhonda Byrne to understand the concept clearly)

Thus, no matter what your situation is, always practice gratitude. Be grateful for what you are blessed with ���✨️

Start focusing on the POSITIVES and the POSITIVE will happen with you ���

 ��� No matter how much time (more or less) you have for yourself, DO SOMETHING. And do something CONCRETE.  As the effect of your actions gets multiplied out in the Universe, you are blessed with more opportunities.

When your family finds out you are succeeding in your life, you are being given more opportunities, they also come to support you ���✨️ If no one else, your spouse will always support you ���

Do NOT underestimate your bedtime. 

Normally, we think we have got DAY-TIME ONLY to do our work and when we are unable to take out time for ourselves in the day time, we go to bed with guilt or with frustration (if we don’t get time due to external factors) and keep on worrying about “I haven’t got time for myself. How shall I pursue my dreams now?”

“Besides, it’s really really important to figure out how much time you NEED for yourself, which comes from what all you NEED to do in a day and adjust your day accordingly. “

Let me tell you, if you want you can use your night time as well to do your work. Now, I am not saying you don’t sleep at night but if you sleep for 4-5 hrs only, it’s Ok ��� ✨️✨️

Thus, you can get 2-3 hrs from your bedtime for your work.

Normally, if we usually sleep for 7-8 hrs, and all of a sudden you begin to sleep for 4-5 hrs only, you will feel dizzy. You will feel sick. But if you say to yourself, I am fine. I have full energy to carry out all my tasks today then you will actually feel good internally and you will be in a position to carry out your chores/work just like any other day.

In fact, if you do your work with zeal & zest, you will feel like you are celebrating your day ���

Work won’t seem like work.

This brings me to my next ��� point

Love your Work. 

Do not work just because everyone else is working, work because your work empowers you, your work sets you free from all the stress society has given you and it helps you to set a benchmark of greater quality of life in the world around.

  ��� Work because you are on a Mission

  ��� Work because you want to have a quality of life

  ��� Work because YOU BELIEVE your work can transform someone’s (and many others’ henceforth) life.

��� Work because it liberates you.

��� Work because it gives you an Identity.

 ��� Work because you feel empowered & humble ���

(Yes, your work makes you feel humble as when you begin to work, you understand the struggles that others working around you are struggling with and hence, you stop being judgemental.

You begin to mind your own business. The trance of working on your thing, on your mission is such that you don’t feel like going anywhere else. You just want to do your own thing.)

��� Work because it lets you BE YOU ���✨️✨️

When you will work because of all of the above ��� reasons, you will effortlessly find time for your work, for yourself (for self-improvement so that you can be levelled-up and carry out your tasks more effectively).

It’s then you will be ONLY FOCUSING ON things that bring you closer to your goals. Entertainment & pass time activities will become things of the past.

Implementing all these things in my life have made a huge difference in my life and has helped me to save a lot of time for myself and my family. I hope this helps you too.

Written By – Nikita Aggarwal



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  1. Nice post. Discipline is a must in our life. I love to follow discipline in my personal and professional life. It is helping me to achieve things that I want. Thanks for sharing 😊

  2. जीवन मे अनुशासन महत्वपूर्ण है।अनुशासन के दो किनारों के बीच बहता जल नदी बनकर जीवनदायी हो जाता है, जबकि किनारों को तोड़कर बहता उच्छ्रंखल जल बाढ़ बनकर विनाश लाता है। मर्यादित जीवन जीने की सीख देता ये लेख सहज ही जीवन को व्यवस्थित करने को प्रेरित कर गया। अस्त व्यस्त हो गए जीवन को व्यवस्थित करके अपने लिए भी कुछ पल जीने की राह दिखा गया
    लेखिका को बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद।

  3. Wonderful Post Nikita

    You’re right.. Everything boils down to loving your self and your zeal & zest to improve via your work as a service.

    Looking forward to reading such more articles from you.

  4. जीवन में हमारे लिए क्या महत्वपूर्ण है, ये समझने में कई बार जीवन बीत जाता है।
    यदि हम ये निर्णय हम अपने जीवन के पूर्वार्ध में ले पाएं, तो जीवन का उत्तरार्ध आनन्द में बीतता है।
    पर क्या हम में से अधिकांश ये समझ पाते हैं ?

  5. Amazing writing ✍️

    You have covered almost everything in details..

    Discipline is must to get successful in anything whatsoever !! Thanks for sharing and looking forward for more of this from you !!


  6. Great article Nikita.
    It’s so true that we unintentionally waste a lot of time. If we work intentionally on everything we do, we can do too much in less time.

    Looking forward for more articles.

  7. Wow great content it’s really helpful for everyone who is getting weak to get their goal.and I know you are amazing writer
    Keep it up
    Keep posting

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