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Weekend Travel Project with CrazyFeet Kavya : Perfect way to make your weekdays jealous !

Two days in a week is just not enough time for weekend. But if you take your pleasure seriously, you would want to join CrazyFeet Kavya on her weekend travel project and your definition of weekend shall change forever !

Kavya Saxena (Miss Crazyfeet) has  something very remarkable in store to make your weekends wonderful. She will take you on a two day trip every month. The travel project starts from Dec’ 2016 and will continue till March’ 2017.

Starting from Churu, Shekhawati (Rajasthan) in December. Dholpur, Chambal (Rajasthan) in January. Then moving towards Pranpur, Chanderi (Madhya Pradesh) in February and finally ending at Pragpur, Garli (Himachal Pradesh) in March. Four weekends at these four places will leave you with four experiences to cherish forever.



This travel project package includes all the expenses from train fares to safari rides, from luxury accomodations to heritage walks, craft workshops, meals, etc.


Many a times we say to ourselves,’when is the weekend coming? I need a break!’. And when the weekend comes, we are simply found lying on the bed doing nothing.


But this is a chance to go offbeat from the customary weekend routines and fill your life with some amazing travel expeditions.


This is what travel project is all about in our crazyfeet’s words-:

“If December shall be about stories of wealthy merchants who created larger than life havelis have and why many are no more interested to preserve them leading to loss of such treasure , January shall be about watching crocodiles from boats in wild and understanding strange practices of owl sacrifice in Etawah -Agra belt of UP !

There is a lot more to my #weekendtravelproject.”

So what are you still thinking about?? Get ready with your backpacks because better days are coming, they are called Saturday & Sunday. Wishing you each weekend of more mindfulness, calm, laughter, adventure,compassion.

For details contact Kavya Saxena.

Write to her at-

Call- +91 9899211124


Don’t forget to share your experience with us at


Wish you exciting weekends ahead !






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