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7 Reasons why our love for KST is only growing stronger with time

Kishore Sagar Lake is one of the best things that happened to Kota City!


When your tuition ends, you go to KST. When you are bored of the cafes & malls of the city, you go to KST! When a guest arrives, you go to KST to show them how beautiful Kota really is! When you are feeling low, need time to think, and starting to get annoyed with almost everything with life, you should go to KST!


It’s a place you can never get bored of; it’s a place where you can go empty pockets ( Ok, take Rs. 5 when going by a two wheeler! ); it’s a place which is admired by the young and the old. It’s a place we all love and feel fortunate to have it in our city.


Here we listed 7 reasons why our love for this place is only growing stronger with time –


Watching the mesmerizing Sunset

Watching the sun as its sets from this place is truly a blissful experience. You can experience this day after day, and it would still be special.

Sunset at KST

Hanging out with friends

Because not even a day should pass not meeting your favorite people


Take a walk

A walk side by the lake is not just healthy for the body, but it’s also rejuvenating for the mind.

Walking side by Kishore Sagar Lake
In Picture: Falguni Soni

Experience Serenity

Everyday mundane work can take a toll over anyone’s life. Lucky, we are that we have KST where we can escape the hustle and bustle of the city and experience serenity.

Kishore Sagar Talab

Photograph by Vijay Dhingra

Click Photographers

Whether you want to take your own photos or photographs of picturesque around the lake, KST never disappoints

Fun at KST
In pictures: Falguni Soni

Situated in the heart of Kota City

It one of the perks of Kishore Sagar Lake that it is situated at almost center of the city. It’s not more than 15-minute drive for people living near Railway Station or Rangbadi. Can you imagine any other city having a place this like at its center?

Kishore Sagar Lake, Kota

Join / Organize events

These days many amazing events happen at this place which brings crowd from all over the city. Recently, we also did a Photowalk in which many photographers joined us and loved the experienced.

Photowalk in Kota


We listed reasons we felt why KST is special and why we love it most ! Now, it’s your time to tell us why you love Kishore Sagar Lake…comment below…

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