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The Women of India (My little thoughts)

Written By – Ananya Gupta


Women is  an epitome of beauty ,wisdom and care.

Nobody can sacrifice more than a women can do she can leave her home trusting a man whom she has just met a few days before,

she can sacrifice her hard-earned job for a kid who will shout at her in his teens,

she can sacrifice her time for the family which will never value her for all that she has done for them thinking it’s her duty…dear reader it’s not,

she is just another human being who can be selfish and can only think about herself but she chooses to be selfless and giving …

Women in India are called goddess people pray to different statues of women but this is not the way people treat  women present around them its only in the image or statues that people pray  and respect  to..

In reality, women are objectified, judged, are still fighting for their rights, are still fighting to take their decisions themselves…

Why men always decide what women should do, why husbands are deciding what their wife should do, what she will wear, what would be her job status, she will do the job or not, don’t they have any right over their own life…

Women work day and night, nurturing their kids, some along with work managing their houses too after so much work their work is nor valued neither appreciated…

Not only this they are molested and raped in a country which consider women goddesses is it inhumane and insensitive and shame on humanity ..

Whatever our future generations are watching in the society they will adapt and it would be passed on we need to start respecting women their work we need to appreciate what they do for our us and our family…



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