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At TEDxRTU, we listened to stories of struggle, hope and triumph.

TEDxRTU was the first TEDx event in Kota which took place on 9th April 2017 at Gaurav Tower, Bansal Classes.

The event brought 8 prominent individuals from diverse backgrounds to a common platform where they shared their stories of struggle, hope, and triumph.

Mr. V.K. Bansal at TEDxRTU
Mr. V.K. Bansal at TEDxRTU


Isle Kohler Rollefson at TEDxRTU
Isle Kohler Rollefson at TEDxRTU

Among the speakers were: the well-known Mr. VK. Bansal, founder of Bansal classes; Capt. G.R Choudary, a war veteran and prisoner of war; the inspiring and energetic Dr. Susan Raj who is a welfare worker and healer; Ilse Kohler Rollefson, popularly known as ‘our lady of camels’; Nitin Harsh, a folklorist and founder of Rythms of Rajasthan; Sachin Jha, an entrepreneur and writer; Danesh Kanagaraj, an entrepreneur & motivator; and Col. Pieush Agrawal, a war veteran.

The audience was spellbound as they listened to each speaker’s life journey and obstacles they faced. Whether it is Capt. G.R. Choudary who talked about his time of life as a war prisoner or it is Dr. Susan Raj who told us how she is able to make impossible ‘possible’ through her various social initiatives, there were new life-learnings for each one of us in those stories and experiences.

We also saw students of RTU doing live painting and musicians of “Rythm of Rajasthan” playing soulful folklore. Everyone enjoyed and appreciated these light and pleasing sessions during the TEDx.

We want to congratulate TEDxRTU Team for bringing a platform like TEDx to Kota.


Overall, it was a good (above average) event. There were few shortcomings which we felt in the curation of the event, but considering it was a first time for both audience and organizers, some hickups can be sidelined to appreciate the overall message and positivity TEDxRTU managed to spread. 


Were you there at TEDxRTU ? We would like to know how was your experience. Tell us in comments.







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