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It was one jaw dropping Sunday morning at Garadia Mahadev!

“जहाँ कचोरी की खुशबू से मेहकती है शाम,
जहाँ यारो के साथ छलकते है चाय के जाम,
जहाँ सातों अजूबे खड़े है एक दूसरे का हाथ थाम,
एक सुहानी सी सुबह उसी कोटा शहर के नाम।”

Places to see in Rajasthan

‘एक सुबह कोटा के नाम-Exploring the unseen wonders of Kota‘, was an event organised by 247Kota on sunday, 18th Dec, 2016.

The event had a mystical element to it. It was to bring the city people together  to absorb the first rays of the sun from the most beautiful part of the city- Garadia Mahadev.

Jane Kya Dikh Jaye

We were all a bunch of 35 people who collected at Kishore Sagar Talav at 5 am in the morning. I had never thought that this would be one of the finest mornings so far that I am going to witness in my city.

Isn’t it good to see people of different ages, from different parts of the city?All of them coming together and losing themselves in the mesmerizing beauty of nature? Indeed it is!
Here is a glimpse of people hanging around and enjoying the sunrise at Garadia Mahadev.

Rajasthan Travel TOur

Watching the sun rising above the horizon was a ‘jaw drop’ moment. Kunal Gandharv hummed the tunes of “केसरिया बालम, पधारो म्हारे देस” while playing खड़ताल. Manish Soni accompanied him with his guitar. All this added much more मिट्टी की खुश्बू to the ambience.

Folk Singers in Kota

It was an honour to have sir Tapeshwar Singh Bhati  with us. He is a wildlife photographer and a dedicated nature conservationist.

We even had our favourite crazy feet Kavya Saxena with us. She added a bliss to the event by marking her presence and sharing her motivational ideals with us.

CrazyFeet Kavya

This Sunday morning at Garadiya Mahadev was not only about discovering the serenity that our city holds. It was also about exploring the unseen sides of the people who came along with their stories.

हर रात के बाद एक नया सवेरा आता है।‘ This was I guess a perfect नाया सवेरा for me, for us , for our city.

This Sunrise at Garadiya Mahadev brought us more closer to our city, our city mates and ourselves.

Thanks to the artists (Kunal & Manish) who are still carrying the legacy forward with such grace.Their efforts are keeping our folk art alive in everybody’s heart.
Kudos to that!

Featured Image Contribution : Bhasker Bulani

एक सुबह जो हमेशा याद रहेगी
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