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In conversation with Shraddha, a writer from Kota whose debut novel just got published

Shraddha who had her schooling from Sophia School, Kota is now a professor. Her debut novel – FROM RING TO MIRROR  got published few weeks back. We asked Shraddha some fun questions to know a little about her journey. In a town from most people dream to become an IITian or Doctor, wouldn’t you want to know what inspired Shraddha to take up writing and finally write a novel.

Published Author from Kota

Q. How it all started ? When did you first thought about writing a novel ?

“When you have a thoughtful mind, a mighty heart, but a slack tongue, you often end up writing because the ink knows no inhibitions.”

My habit of writing dates back to the time when I was in 7 th class and I managed to be gifted a lock diary which fascinated me a lot in its own exciting way. I started filling it up with feelings I could not share since I was an extremely introvert person. As I grew I came across two people who changed my life, who I have also mentioned in the novel, Zoya & Rinny, for whom I started writing letters. I realized that I wasn’t someone who could express looking in the eyes, and found it better to go via the medium of traditional pen and paper. The habit turned into my passion & soon I found myself writing poems & articles on things that shook my heart. The idea to write a novel came quite late in my life & by then I had enjoyed the delicacies of relationships with salt & pepper! I felt the moments I faced in my life were not extraordinary ones and happened to almost every person in his/her 20s & so I was sure everyone can relate to the moments in this novel. 

Q. What was the motivation behind writing FROM RING TO MIRROR

The motivation behind the novel were my crumbled feeling 😛 I was always melodramatic in my approaches & so was constantly pushed by my friends to write a novel & finally the feelings got their way to the world.

Q. What is FROM RING TO MIRROR is all about in brief 

The novel is about the dynamics of our heart. The friendships that bud during hostel days, during the hunger spree at nights, the stressed relation with parents during college times,  the childhood love that somehow get reciprocated, the feeling of being insecure to lose the ones who mean more to you than your own life, the fear of a heart break & every little aspect that we go through while growing up.

Q. How special Kota is to you ? What are the things which drag you back to this town

Kota for me is my heaven. I have travelled a lot since the time I moved from Kota for graduation & post graduation, but the air that engulfs whenever I step down on our railway platform is just overwhelming. The feeling is irreplaceable. I still ask my parents or friends coming down to any city in Maharashtra to pack Kachori & bhujia. We Kota people are incomplete without the Sunday breakfast of Kachori & Pohe. One thing that I have missed deeply staying in Maharashtra from past 3 years is amar chaat ke golgappe. Go anywhere, but dude those are the ones worth a treat to taste buds. I have come to love the new joints for youngsters; the best of all is Mr. Tea Café. The long drives to hanging bridge & the lazy strolls at the kishore sagar have made Kota a complete abode.


Overview of the novel :

Author From Kota - Shraddha  Nyati

It was everything that has ever been beautiful and passionate. Their love had the passion of a rainy evening, the intimacy of a winter night and the beauty of a spring morning

Have you ever lost yourself to someone who made you see “you”? 

Have you ever known love in its purest form that it does not pain to not know the future?

Have you ever known what it is to lose someone when you are sure that he is the only person who will ever make your heart beat?

Riya is travelling to Ajmer to attend a ceremony that is going to change her life forever. Sameer, the only person she has ever loved is unaware of the fact that the ceremony may cause serious repercussions in their lives. On board to Ajmer she meets Sohard, Sameer’s half-brother and they initiate a chain of memories which leaves Riya in a reverie. But even after 2 years since the fated ceremony she has not been able to let love flow out of her heart, which is evident from the way her heart beats when she hears the same ringtone as was attached to Sameer’s name before things took a turn to the unknown and never ending hollowness.




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