Chapter one is simply an online platform to rent books & novels in kota. This is what the founders have to say about their service.


“Now no more spending big bucks on novels only to read them once. Rent them instead! The novels are awesome, the collection is okayish (more to be added soon) and the prices are affordable- well, what are you waiting for? Jump in and get your book within a day! Yep, we have hired The Flash for deliveries”


With Chapter One, you can rent novels in Kota. You just have to follow these two simple steps –


Rent Books in Kota


The co-founders of Chapter one, Anshuman Dandich & Amir Ali, are still in their 2nd year of B.Tech.

Anshuman Dadhich, 2nd yr, Mech Engg, RTU
He is the one who came up with the concept, and has put his heart and mind to make it a success.


Amir Ali, 2nd yr, Petrochemical Engg, RTU
He’s the hard worker of the start-up. Well, the guy who does it all! The donkey work! Packing, delivering, finding solutions etc. The trouble-shooter!

Visit their collection of novels on & rent one today. Do review  about their service in comments below.