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During his visit, a traveler from Mumbai clicked some of the finest photographs of Kota City

We share a lot of Photographs of Kota City on our Instagram & Facebook and you probably know it already! Hey, thanks for following us 🙂

Photographers from the city & even people travelling from other places to Kota often surprise us by showing the charm of Kota City from their perspective which is unique and stunning.

Onkar Tendulkar is a traveler & photographer from Mumbai. He has shared some of the best photographs of Kota City we have came across till date. He is an architect by profession, and says Traveling is his biggest passion. Recently he visited Kota and Bundi, and he was amazed by the beauty of both these cities.

Enjoy the Photographs and leave a comment in the end whether you agree with us on whether these are some of the best photographs of Kota City you have seen.

Hanuman Mandir, Godhavari Dham


Godhavari Dham Temple

Jag Mandir

Jag Mandir Kota


Taj Mahal, Seven Wonders Park

Taj Mahal, Seven Wonders Park

Onkar finds Kota very special. He says, ” While we see many towns around which are still basking in their former glory, which have nothing else to talk about than their glorious past, Kota has gradually come out of it and has also established itself as a modern education hub today. It is interesting how Kota balances between its past as well as its present and the way its adapting to changing times.”


Statue of Liberty, Seven Wonders Park

Staute of Liberty, Seven Wonders Park

Abheda mahal

Abheda Mahal Kota

You can read the full travelogue he has written on his visit to Kota & Bundi here. Kota & Bundi – Jewels of Hadoti

Garh Palace

Garh Palace Kota


These photographs have a unique kind of simplicity, symmetry ,and are able to depict the true essence of a particular place.  They can be truly inspiring for young aspiring photographs. But what inspired Onkar, don’t you like to know ?

During his college, Onkar used to have study tours conducted as a curriculum in Architecture college. It was during those times, he realized how much he loved every bit of it, the monuments, the places, & the people. He took up photography to preserve the memories of all the beautiful places he has been traveling to across the India.

Photographers in Kota
Onkar Tendulkar

Till now he has traveled to temple trail in Odisha, Karnataka, Kashmir valley, Buddhist trail in Bihar, Gujarat, Rajasthan along with Manipur, Nagaland, Assam, Meghalaya and parts of Arunachal pradesh. The List shows how big a travel buff he is !

You can connect with Onkar on Google+ . And do check out his BLOG, it is full of his experiences of traveling to various parts of India




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