Join the movement to demand a new airport in Kota.

The rumours of Kota airport being shifted to Jhalawar were already intimidating for us, and in the recent discovery of events we got to hear that state government never sent a proposal to the center demanding a new airport for Kota.
Surprisingly, our representatives are silent about this. Requests and complains by the citizens are going unanswered by the government.
All of this is causing an unrest among the people of Kota. People are now showing their resentment by coming to the streets and  protesting to make their voices heard. After all, what other options do they have ?
Kota is the third largest city of Rajasthan in terms of population, 2nd most revenue generating city for Rajasthan state, the business capital of Hadoti region, and it has established itself as the education hub of India with around 1.5 lac students coming to study in the city every year from all parts of the country. For Kota, a new airport is the need of time.
For the last 2 months, few active citizens were raising their voices demanding airport for the city, which then led to the beginning of a movement. And on 7 August it took shape of a rally which gave boost to the movement and some positivity to the citizens of Kota.
Airport in Kota
There has been no response or comment from the officials or government regarding this yet. But the bright side is the people of Kota are not giving up on what they deserve. They are coming forward in many ways from protesting on streets to sending daily tweets to PMO India. Let us hope that people of Kota won’t be disillusioned by the government this time, and Kota gets what it deserves.


An airport would ease the commute for thousands of students and parents coming to Kota every year. Students come to Kota even from states like Assam, Tamil Nadu, etc. Air connectivity to Kota would save lot of precious time for these students preparing for various examinations.
Already contributing a huge % of total revenue generated in the state, air connectivity would give boost to education and other industries in Kota.
Hadoti has its own charm. With lush green sanctuaries to waterfalls, there are lot of less-explored but heavenly sights for travellers to fall in love with. Rajasthan is already one of the most sought-after areas in India for travellers to visit. With Jaipur and Udaipur becoming too mainstream, Hadoti can provide lot of off-beat destinations for travellers from abroad and other parts of India.
Kota couldn’t get institutions like IIT & IIM, primarily because of non-availability of a functional airport. With the new airport, Kota would be ready to host such institutions.
Kota has a huge population, and in cases of medical emergency having an airport can save many lives. Many parents who have to reach their children in emergency, feel helpless in such situations. Presence of an airport will make this approach easier.

A new airport in Kota would boost city’s economical progress which would benefit all sections of the society, not just the upper class. It is high time to take action, and make our voices heard through internet and other mediums.

Join the movement here –
Sign Petition here – Petition 
We also request you to send daily tweets to PMO India (@naremdramodi) and add #kotaairport

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3 replies on “Join the movement to demand a new airport in Kota.”

Very well written Aarav…..looks reading my mind and penning on paper.
People of Kota are energetic…and this time the City needs them the most.Every person…who’s connected with this City…should support this initiative…else Kota’ll be lift behind…and wouldn’t recover even in 100 years to come.

Hello Aarav,
It’s quite long time that we are demanding airport in Kota so now we need to act on the issue.
I suggest you to start a petition on as your blog has large fan base in Kota & you can use the Facebook page of your blog. It will help in creating more awareness.
We need to bring this issue in front of every citizen, also we can create awareness using the Humrah event, organized every Sunday at Kishore Sagar Talab and full coverage including pictures can be posted everywhere.

Dear sir I dont know about the airport, but I do know about the worst roads of country as well people leaving their cows and other animals on road, having no airport may or may not have killed anyone, but animals and roads are doing their part. Especially after rains it felt like meteor shower over the city

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