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Pagmark Foundation is striving to bring Tigers at Mukundra Hills Tiger reserve

Mukundra Hills Tiger Reserve is situated at the southeastern border of the town, Kota. Strange enough, Mukundra Hills is probably the only Tiger Reserve which is not populated with tigers. Pagmark Foundation is an initiative is striving to bring Tigers at Mukundra Hills and fix the problem of displacement of villages within the reserve.

Mukundra Hills – History 

Mukundra Hills has been previously known as the Darrah Wildlife Sanctuary & still many people know it by the same name.

Darrah was declared a ( protected area ) Wildlife Sanctuary in 1955.

In 2004, Darrah Wildlife Sanctuary was declared as a National park, and was given a new name “Mukundra Hills National Park”. Mukundra Hills National Park is a combination of three wildlife sanctuaries – Darrah Wildlife Sanctuary, Chambal Wildlife Sanctuary & Jaswant Sagar Wildlife Sanctuary.

In 2013, the park got the nod from National Tiger Conservation Authority ( NTCA ) & Mukundra Hills became the 3rd Tiger reserve for the Rajasthan state after Ranthambore Tiger reserve & Sariska Tiger reserve.

Mukundra Hills – Present Scenario

Mukundra Hills Tiger Reserve is spread across four districts – Kota, Bundi, Chittorgarh & Jhalawar – covering an area of 759 sq km.

While Ranthambore tiger reserve is home to 50 tigers and Sariska tiger reserve has 9 big cats, the sad reality of Mukundra Hills Tiger Reserve is that it’s been tiger-less since 2013.

Pagmark Initiative

As told by Devvart Hada, convenor of Pagmark Initiative,

Pagmark initiative is focussing on 2 key issues –

1. Bringing the tiger-less situation of Mukundra Hills Tiger Reserve in the limelight.

Neither District Administration nor Forest Department has shown any serious attempt to change the tiger-less scenario at Mukundra Hills Tiger Reserve. Even though it’s been almost 4 years since Mukundra Hills is declared as a Tiger Reserve, the tiger-less situation hasn’t changed at all. Pagmark is trying to bring this situation into notice of administration and the general public so that Kota City can benefit from Mukundra Hills being a Tiger Reserve.

2. To provoke Forest Department to provide compensation to the deserved families

For example, In the Lakshmipura Village ( which comes inside Mukundra Hills reserve ), there are 7 village families and only 2 of them are given compensation against their displacement. There have been more incidents like where Forest Department has denied giving compensation to the deserved families.

Pagmark Initiative Team

Pagmark Foundation Mukundra Hills

How Coming of Tigers at Mukundra Hills will benefit Kota City

The coming of Tigers at Mukundra Hills will help establish itself as a Tourist destination. Mukundra Hills is a beautiful landscape and have sufficient natural resources for it to get developed as a vibrant tiger reserve and a major tourist attraction. While cities like Udaipur, Jodhpur & Jaipur have developed themselves as tourism hubs of Rajasthan, Kota is unable to do so even though there are numerous attractions in and around the city. In addition, it will also give employment to hundreds of people & boost the economy of Kota.

How you can support Pagmark Initiative 

You can connect with Pagmark Initiative on Facebook or Reach out to Devvarth Singh Hada who is the conveyor of the initiative as they are in need of volunteers.


Pagmark Initiative has been featured in various daily & even in India News which is a National newspaper. Bollywood celebrity, Mr. Imam Siddique also visited the sanctuary & showed his support for the initiative by making a short documentary film on the subject. 

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