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[Meetup] Alongside the beautiful KST, we listened to Kavya’s fascinating travel tales

On weekends, evenings at Kishore Sagar Talav are noisier, crowded, yet so lively.

On 26th March (Saturday), we did our first open meetup with Kavya at KST

For those who haven’t followed our facebook page in a while – first, you’re missing out some cool stuff !

Garadia Mahadevsecond, kavya came to Kota last month, and we planned a meetup with her. Kavya is a traveler cum blogger cum car racer. She lives in Delhi, and manages to plan a solo trip almost every weekend while having a full time corporate job. 




Alongside the beautiful KST, we experienced a wonderful evening transforming into a session full of stories, tips and tricks to travel smart, laughs, and bonding.




We asked everyone to reach the venue few minutes before 6 PM, but when there were just few faces around at 6:30, the whole idea of keeping an open meetup seemed wrong. After a while, people started joining, we sat on the ground making a circle, kavya began by sharing her experiences, more people joined, and it ended up being a mesmerizing session and people left with smiling faces.


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Kavya said she had a wonderful time with us. That’s something satisfactory. Some mistakes were made while promoting the event, lessons learned, and lots of memories made.


Thanks to everyone who showed up. Keep the spirit alive by attending these meetups. They are being organized by Kota City Blog to make people aware about different creative streams, and to build a vibrant community of creative people in Kota.



We have already decided to have a Heritage Walk when Kavya comes to Kota next time. In this walk, we plan to show you KOTA which you thought never existed and to tell you more about the hidden heritage of the city.



Also looking for people who are interested in organizing these meetups. If you are someone who loves to organize events, drop me a message on Facebook – Aarav.



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