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5 Things which changed the look & feel of Kota City

Kota has changed a lot in the past few years. This city is growing into a glorious and beautiful place. Do you intent to disagree ?  I hope not !

A lot has been happening ! Recently Ola cabs has started its service here. Soon we are going to have another mall & PVR cinemas, and also Reliance 4G !

We have picked up 5 things which really changed the look and feel of Kota City

1. Seven Wonders
 It’s just brilliant ! Whoever came up with this idea. Now we have something in Kota, which is truly unique, and sexy !
Seven Wonders Park Kota
2. Re-modified Kishore Sagar
Kishore Sagar has become an all time perfect hangout place for everyone. “Humrah” has added more life to it. And one can’t get bored watching sunset everyday from this place. It is just amazing.


Sunset Kishore Sagar
3. Ghatotkach Circle
It has become another glorious landmark of the city. Every time you pass through it, you are bound to say “Wow!”


4. Rajeev Gandhi Statue
Kota has been known as the education city for years. And this monument is somewhat like a symbol for the same


Rajeev Gandhi Statue
5. Barat Scene at Aerodrome Circle
The most busy Choraha of the city. And it is kind of strange what they have thought for this place. But whatever, it looks beautiful !
Is there something we missed ? Comment below….

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  1. Recently I saw the movie “Badrinath ki Dulhania “and was quite impressed with the outdoor shooting in Kota.I thought that the seven wonders park was in Ramoji city, Hyderabad. So I browsed internet and found that the park is in Kota city itself. I must congratulate the people who created it. Now it is for the people of Kota and the visitors to keep it “swaccha “.

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