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Last 2 Days of Kota Schools Art Exhibition. Go visit & get amazed!

Story of Kota Schools Art Exhibition 

As a society, we have to come to terms with Arts not given so much importance at any stage of a child’s educational career; at its best we have accepted Art as a hobby or as a recreational activity. This is not particularly the story of our city, but you’ll be surprised to see the same scenario across the globe, except in few countries who had courage to change things.

Few people of our city were not ready to accept this & they had a firm belief that Art plays a significant role in developing a child’s brain & behaviour. They felt the need to take this message to schools. Hereafter, a small initiative called “Kota Schools Art Exhibition” came to life in 2015. The aim was simple – to spread awareness about art, creativity & related fields in Schools.

However small, the initiative had a very clear message & pure intentions behind, and inspite of all odds the first School Art Exhibition took place at Kota Art Gallery in 2015. And thereafter, every year Kota Heritage Society organises Kota Schools Art Exhibition in the month of January.

This year, the 4th Schools Art Exhibition has many special addition to it, one of them is – Sports & Traditional Games. This shows that curators are not limiting Art to just fine arts, but thinking beyond and saying it loudly that Sport is as important Arts ( also a form of Art ) and has its own significance in a child’s upbringing.

When & Where it is happening 

Kota Art Gallery in Kota, Rajasthan
Painting of Kota Art Gallery ( Outside ) by Pranshu Sharma, a student of Class IX, Bansal Public School

Two days have passed. A lot has already happened. Last 2 Days of Kota Schools Art Exhibition are left. It’s happening at Kota Art Gallery which is located near Kishore Sagar Talav, Nayapura, Kota.

Special Attractions  

Various new creative introductions happened this year at the exhibition. We have mentioned some of them here –


Chaupad Playing

Chaupad was traditionally played all over the north India and especially in Rajasthan since the vedic period. In Hadoti region one can find people playing the game in villages. In the ongoing school art exhibition KHS has tried to revive the games among the young school students. In the exhibition one can see chaupad printed on Jajam (floor spread) and small pieces of chaupad specially printed in Barmer for the event. Chaupad playing sessions are being organized for free and one can learn this interesting game for free during the exhibition.

Til-Khankriya Play – 30th Jan, 2018

Drame Performance in Kota

The play titled ‘Til-Khankhariya’ was originally written by P Oung Khin in Burmese and later translated by Mastram Kapoor with the title ‘Chawal-ki-Rotiyan’ will be staged on 30th Jan. at the Kota Art gallery. The play is directed by Ravindra Maru and is being staged by his students in Hadoti language.

Sports Demonstration

Drame Performance in Kota

Every evening, Kota School Art Exhibition brings sport demonstration of various sports that are taught & learned in Kota City. These sports include – Kushti & Judo, Boxing Wushu, Taekwondo, and Indian Sports like Patta, Talwar, Banethi, Balam Chakar.

Monday Mile Run

A health & lifestyle initiative by Inshape is being inaugurated at Kota School Art Exhibition on Monday, 29th Jan, 2018. The goal of Monday Mile Run is to encourage children & schools to run ONE MILE EVERYDAY.


Kota Schools Art Exhibition has lot of potential which can be only harnessed when people & organisations come forward to support this brilliant initiative and make it bigger and better every year, so that our schools, parents, children, and society can be persuaded to give more importance to arts & creativity.


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