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Having trouble settling in ? Here’s a book which prepares you for challenges in Hostel Life

New city, new people, mess food, hectic schedule, hostel life. All these things can be hard to cope with for the first time for teenagers.


Most of the students who come to Kota to prepare for IIT-JEE or AIPMT had to experience drastic changes in their life. Many responsibilities come with this new life. From taking account of money to be spend to staying away from toxic people.


But some of these young people find themselves weak, and alone. Either they couldn’t make friends, or  worst they choose wrong people to be friends with. Most of the mistakes which teenagers make are very similar. Its not that they could know already what lies ahead, but if they have some idea of the kinds of problems, they would be better prepared to face the difficult times.

 Book on Hostel Life

Dr. Surbhi, who has counselled so many coaching students who used to come to her with all kinds of problems, has written the book “HOSTEL LIFE”.

Dr. Surbhi Goyal
Dr. Surbhi Goyal

This book is a must for everyone who is facing trouble with hostel life, making friends, and building relationships in this young age. It is a step by step guide to someone who is about to experience hostel life for the first time. Many times, the lessons you’ll learn in the book will prevent you from making horrible mistakes, and other times the book will motivate you, give you confidence to fight back, and perform well in difficult times.


You can buy the book from Crosswords in City Mall, Kota. You can also check the website hostel-life.com for more information.


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