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IMMIX’17 – Why you should get excited about CPU’s 3 Day Cultural Fest 


We recently got to know that IMMIX’17, the annual cultural fest of Career Point University is taking place from 10th Oct – 12th Oct, 2017 & we’re already excited. Admits the festive season, we found another reason to rejoice!


This year, the fest has lot in store for all of us, competitions, events, DJ night, to name just a few of the attractions.


Whether you’re a fashion enthusiast, a shutter bug or a Musician, IMMIX promises to keep you engaged with its many competitions happening over 3 days. To get full details about the competitions, go here –


Watch aftermovie of IMMIX’16



Since 2014, IMMIX is giving major celebration goals to young people of Kota by bringing great performers, attracting vibrant crowd & by being progressive each year. We hope they go awesome this year too!

Registrations for events are now open. You can visit : or Call – 9694145165, 8890099544, 9983337757



Kota City Blog is the outreach partner of IMMIX’17. 



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