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Congratulations ! We did the 1st successful Photowalk in Kota

Hey ! How are you doing ? A very happy Thursday morning to you.

I am Aarav this side, congratulating and thanking each one of you on the behalf of Kota City Blog for joining the first photowalk in Kota.

I hope you enjoyed your time during the  photowalk. I hope you made new friends and learned from each other and hopefully the walk inspired you to take your passion for photography to next level !


#CapturetheLake Photowalk was unique in its own way. And your presence made it more special.


Photowalk in Kota


There were some shortcomings too where we will improve in our future events. That’s why your feedback is so important. You can reply to this mail with your feedback. 


We are open to ideas of events that you want to do. We’ll help you organize, plan and promote these events, if they sound exciting ! You can mail your ideas to kotacityblog@gmail.com, and we’ll get back to you shortly !


When I started Kota City Blog, I envisioned it as a community of people who are motivated to take initiatives / actions through which we can make Kota City more creative and a better place for everyone. I am happy to see that we are moving in the right direction and there’s a bright future ahead.

Hope to see everyone soon ! Be Curious ! Stay Creative !

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Hi! I am an Entrepreneur & Digital Marketer and also the founder of Kota City Blog.

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