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Ethical Hacking And Dark Web

By: Ojas Jain | FEBRUARY 28TH, 2020


Ethical Hacking is a process to gain unauthorized information and access to a defined network, a group of computers or a server. A person who gain access to any computer to check its security or to   obtain information is used to be called an ethical or legal hacker.

There Are Various Types of Ethical Hacking:-


It is that part of the world wide web which can only be accessed through special software, special IP addresses and special browsers which is untraceable and remain anonymous, It is a fact and truth that 90 per cent of the world’s network comes in the deep web, only 5-10 per cent is the surface web.



There are 3 Main Types of Ethical Hackers

White-Hat Hackers-They Forms the Largest Part of Hacking World and also called Ethical Hackers. They have never had any intentions to harm any computer or network, their work is to find weaknesses or bugs in a computer system or servers. It is one of the demanding jobs in the IT industry.

 Black-Hat Hackers– Their Second name is Crackers. Their intentions are always bad and they gain unauthorized access to any network or computer to steal information. Black-Hat Hackers are always considered Illegal.

Grey-Hat Hackers– They Are A Blend of both white and black hat hackers. They do their work for fun they bring out weakness from a computer system without the permission of the owner.

More About Dark Web- THE Fsociety (EVIL SOCIETY)

The size of Dark Web is 400-500 times big in comparison of Surface web.

Dark Web requires a anonymizing browser called TOR BROWSER Also known as HACKER’S BROWSER.

It is not illegal to go on TOR Browser but many illegal activities like Selling of illegal Drugs, Illegal Pornography and Mainly Human Trafficking and Money Theft are done on DARK WEB.

It Was first made by US GOVT so that their spies can exchange information completely in an Anonymous way.

‘AlphaBay’ is known as King Of Dark Web.

  Fsociety Also known by their real name “ANONYMOUS”. It Is a Famous group of hackers in New York. It is the largest group working on the dark web from a long time But They are less harmful now

More About Ethical Hacking- Legal Hacking

It is used To Fix Weak points/areas of the system according to the attacker’s POV.

An Ethical Hacker must seek permission from the organization that owns the server or system.

Kevin Mitnick is one of the biggest hacker in the world.

There is a Qualification called CEH(CERTIFIED ETHICAL HACKER) Obtained by an individual by demonstrating knowledge of assessing the server or security of a computer system by looking at its weakness and vulnerabilities in a target system

The Ethical hackers can’t do these listed things in the computer system

Injection attacks.

Changes in security settings.

Exposure of sensitive data.

Breach in authentication protocols.

Components used in the system or network that may be used as access points.

The practice of this type of hacking is called White Hat Hacking and the person doing this is known to be White hat hackers.

Below Are The steps done by a ethical hacker


  • The main problem due to hacking is DATA THEFT as Hackers gain access to a computer from which they can steal sensitive information and can leak any private information, etc. There are many businesses that face losses because of hacking as their private information is leaked by hackers or hackers themselves use it for further benefits.Hackers can leak someone’s Social status and can access there social profiles of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.As we saw above, White Hat hackers are Legal/Ethical hackers, The Black hat hackers are the opposite of White Hat. They break into computer network with bad intentions. They release or insert viruses in computer systems so that they can access to the important information of the owner or banks etc.

Many illegal practices are done on dark web and many fraud of billions of money are done on dark web everyday.


Research said that 59 % of people use the same password for most websites. It shows that one can easily hack someone password so we had to keep in mind to have a tricky password which is difficult to crack.

We should get a decent anti-virus software for our computer so that no viruses like trojans, malware can get access to our personal files and other folders

Dont use any public wifi which has many numbers of users  joined as the hacker can get full access to your mobile, only with wifi connectivity.

ust Understand the type of virus your computer is affected and accordingly to remove it.

Beware of PuPs( Potentially Unwanted Programs include adware and programs that slow your computer down, track you, and clutter your screen with advertisements.)

Dont open your personal files or Social media IDs on other’s device.

Following are the tips to detect a hack at early stage-


We should use the potential of our hackers with good intentions and always prefer White Hat hackers. Hacking is a tool that is very beneficial for big companies and it also act as a second side of coin as evil society in a way of the dark web. Many illegal practises occur at Dark web by which many company face loses and human trafficking is a very common thing in the dark web. We should be aware of our surroundings as hacker’s have no identity, That’s why they are called “ANNONYMOUS”.




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