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Entrepreneurs gained insights on Finance – Tedstart Connect

TedStart is a joint initiative of Technical Education Department of Rajasthan & Startup Oasis whose aim is to foster entrepreneurship in 7 regions of Rajasthan through various programs.

TedStart Connect is one such program of TedStart where they organise short meetups/ sessions to connect local entrepreneurs. These sessions benefit entrepreneurs by enabling them to widen their network & learn new skills.

On 30th December, TedStart Connect was held at Hotel Square 36 where Mr. Mahesh Bhangriya who is Vice President – Corporate Strategy, Career Point Ltd shared insights on how startups should craft a financial strategy for their enterprise at an early stage. He also discussed about business plan, valuation of a company.

At the end there was a Q&A session, where the entrepreneurs asked about challenges they are currently facing & Mr. Bhangriya advised them. The session turned out to be highly beneficial for those who attended.

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