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कचरा जगमगाते हम – An Exhibition of beautiful repurposed items which you can use for Diwali Decoration

Sachetan is here with the 3rd edition of their annual Diwali Exhibition “ कचरा जगमगाते हम”. This year they have lots of new and beautiful additions to their exhibition.

A team of volunteers at Sachetan have created many delightful items like Decorative Lamps, Hangings, String Lights, Hand painted Deepaks and Paper Bags.

The speciality about these items is that all of them are all made from waste materials. Isn’t it great to see waste materials put to such excellent use. Their lamps are made of bottles, box lights are made of unused cartons, with many other items that precisely handmade from waste.

‘String Light Based on the concept of 7 Chakras’

This is an interesting addition to the exhibition. They have few string lights which are based on the concept of 7 chakras. Each box represents a chakra and conveys its meaning through colour and symbol, a symbol of its healing sound, etc.

Repurposed String Lights

Bharti Gaur, Founder of Sachetan said, “Although the voluntary organization aims to generate profit from the exhibition, the funds collected from the exhibition will be utilised for the skill development of women and girls from deprived sections of society”.

Sachetan is  based in Kota, Rajasthan which works on waste management, creative engagement with youth and crafting through waste. Their exhibition कचरा जगमगाते हम is an effort to spread positive awareness about waste management.

Many young people contributed to the preparation of this exhibition. They are Piyush Agrawal, Palash Parihar, Takshar Agrawal. Shaily Jain, Shivika Vijay, Leena Vijay, Chitranshi, Afreeda, Shikha and Shalu Mohta.

Volunteer at Sachetan

The exhibition will be held on two days, 3rd & 4th November at Ren Basera at Godhewala Baba Circle. We recommend you to visit the exhibition.

The items we’ll find at this exhibition will surely make you rethink about scrap that we generally ignore and hopefully, they will add charm to your Diwali Decoration.

Happy Diwali!



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