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9 Best Captures from Photowalk in CV Garden

Hello, everyone! Those who joined the Photowalk in CV Garden on last Sunday, we want to congratulate and thank you for making it a wonderful event.

Those who couldn’t join, most probably because you were sleeping – you missed what could have been a memorable, fun & refreshing morning for you!  ( we know you already regret it 😀 )

We asked photographers to use #goodmorningkota while uploading their pictures from Photowalk and we are simply overwhelmed by the amazing photos you people have clicked! More power to you 🙂

We always try to post an article about our events. For this time we thought what better could explain or depict the Photowalk in CV Garden than the brilliant photographs themselves. As they say, “A picture speaks a thousand words”.

These pictures are in no order, we are not comparing photographs here. And those whose photographs didn’t get the feature here, please don’t get disappointed. We will be coming up with more events, just keep clicking, and hopefully your photographs will be on our blog in no time.

1. By Pawan Chittora

This shot is just perfect. It feels like the photograph is not just captured, it is crafted to perfection. We would like to ask Pawan how he clicked it 😀

2.  By Shivaksh Sharma

We love to see photos of Shivaksh. This guy finds interesting subjects all the time and capture them with so much ease. 


3. By Nikhil Ameta

This is such a cute photograph, but again it has the details which shows it is taken with a lot of precision by the photographer. 

4. By Archit

Each morning in CV Garden is filled with activities from yoga, meditation, running, exercising, & more. And kids have their own way of celebrating mornings with enthusiasm! This shot by archit depicts that same enthusiasm with a beautiful picture of a girl.

5. By Vijay

This photograph is as amazing as the 26th morning itself. It has all the feels you’d love to see in a morning picture.  

6. By Kalpit

This young photographer took some really amazing shots during the photowalk. You can explore his gallery on Insta for more pictures 


7. This one is again by Pawan Chittora

This is a simple & subtle photo by Pawan, but the quirky caption with this photograph made us put two captures by Pawan in the list

मेरा दिल भी कितना पागल है
ये प्यार तो तुमसे करता है
पर सामने जब तुम आते हो
कुछ भी कहने से डरता है..


8. By Harshit Nama

This click depicts a lot about mornings in CV garden which was the theme of the Photowalk – Capturing how Kota celebrates each morning

9. By Yashit Swami

 And finally, how can we not include this in the list. This picture is a proof that the Photowalk is worth ditching your morning bedtime on a Sunday.


Hope you enjoyed the morning on 26th to the fullest! Again, don’t feel bad if your photographer didn’t make in the list.

We have an Insta Photography Contest starting from tomorrow. Follow us on Instagram and don’t miss any update from us – KOTA CITY BLOG ON INSTAGRAM




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