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Best of Kota in 2018- Events, Experiences and More

It’s almost the end of December and the end of the last night of the year, so you know what that means — Goodbye 2018, and Hello 2019!!

Before we usher in 2019 (hopefully, a better year), let’s take a look back on this crazy year and remember the best things that have happened in Kota in 2018 – The Good and also the “Oh God Why”.
We’ve put together the Best of Kota in 2018 that kicked up a storm in the city.

We almost broke a few bones (not literally though), while copying Baba Ramdev on the International Yoga Day, had our hearts swell with pride on witnessing the 125th Dussehra Mela, and were left in fits of laughter when Zakir Khan cracked the “Landlord and Tenant” Joke. 2018 has been an emotional rollercoaster. Here are the Best of Kota in 2018 that will stay with you long after the year is over.

The Health Run: Walk-O-Run 2018
Date: 25th February 2018

With the first Half marathon in Kota, 10K Run and 6K Dream Run, Walk-O-Run was a healthy start to the year-2018. Runners and athletes from all over India joined Kota to make the marathon a huge success.  
With the motive of “Let’s make Kota the healthiest city”, Heartwise has been organising Marathons in Kota since 2016. 

The Golden “International Yoga Day” 
21st June 2018 will be marked as a significant date in the history of Kota City.

Cause on this day, Kota hosted the biggest event in the history of Yoga on the occasion 4th International Day of Yoga. On a very powerful note, we created a Guinness World Record of the “Largest Yoga Lesson” in the world. Plus more than 100 records in Yoga were also made under the guidance of Patanjali Yog Peeth and they are recorded in Golden Book of World Records.

For the detailed description of the event read our blog: https://www.kotacityblog.com/kota-creates-guinness-world-record/

The Government Museum: Back after the Renovation Break!!
Reopened on 28th August 2018

The Government Museum aka “Brij Vilas Palace Museum” has undergone a facelift in a bid to conserve the building and restore the artefacts.
It was closed for approximately 2 years and around 2 crore rupees were spend in the process.
You must visit the museum if you haven’t and appreciate the unique displays in the museum, that speaks volumes about the creative minds from the Medieval era.
Timing to visit: 10 AM – 8 PM

When “The Khan of Comedy” came to Kota 
Date:16th September 2018
Place: UIT Auditorium, where the ‘Sakht Launda’ stole the already stolen hearts.

With “Kaksha Gyarvi”– Zakir beautifully painted one of the most intimate portraits about school life in India. We found ourselves amazed at the ease with which Khan exercised his craft.
People who missed the stand-up special can watch and enjoy it on Amazon Prime.

The Second Mahabharata Statue of the City 
Inaugurated in the month of October
Place: Kunadi

After the beautiful Ghatotkach Statue, Kota has another Statue from the epic Mahabharata.  
The huge chariot with Krishna and Arjun is such a stunning creation.
It enlightened us with the concept of the ‘Liberation of The Soul’ through the conversation between Lord Krishna and Arjuna during the battle at Kurukshetra.

The 125th Dussehra Mela: It was more organised than ever

25 Days of Celebration: From 10th October to 4th November 2018

Even the effigy of Ravana was taller than ever. It was 100 feet tall as compared to last year’s Ravana that was 72 feet. Approximately 15 lakh people visited the fair. And there were around 1000 shops with different displays more than 50 fun rides.
For more details about Kota’s Dussehra Mela 2018, read our blog: https://www.kotacityblog.com/kota-dussehra-mela/

Every Foodie’s Mecca: Kota Food Festival 2018 

Date: 17th and 18th November 2018
Venue: Kota Art Gallery

The Kota Food Festival Season-2 was bigger and better. A one of its kind event for the city that assembled different tastes of Rajasthan under one roof. Various restaurants and lounges of the city associated with the event and were seen participating in the fest.  
The two-day enduring event was not merely about food but an exhibit of the virtue of Rajasthani culture and folk art.

The Electric Elections of 2018 
Polling Date: 7th December
Result Date: 11th December

Little did we know that the Famous Parliament Hug or the awkward Jaadu ki Jhappi will not be the only reason for Rahul Gandhi to have a rush of serotonin. Rahul, in his new avatar, eventually led the Congress to victory in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, a win that has boosted the spirits of Congress ahead of 2019.
Shanti Dhariwal, Sandeep Sharma, Kalpana Devi were some of the big hits of this election season.

“The Double Tiger Treat” @ Mukandra Hills Tiger Reserve

On 3rd April 2018, Mukundra Hills Tiger Reserve (MHTR) was elated with the roar of its first Tiger MT-1 aka Mirza. After a period of 15 years, Mukundra got its “Sultan”.
And by the end of the year, MT-1 (Male) got its partner, that is MT-2 (Female) on 19th December 2018.
Finally, MHTR is getting Fur-ociously Awesome!!

The Millennial Madness @ Dunes Musical Festival

Date: Date: 23rd December 2018
Venue: Viranjana Garden

A sparkle-eyed and colour-soaked musical evening with a great stage, The Dunes Musical Festival took its all-absorbing party up another notch.

Dunes Music Festival together with Jingle Hells pulled together an incredible lineup of DJs with “Progressive Brothers”  headlining the event.
It was a mesmerizing evening and the first EDM Festival for the people of Kota to experience and enjoy, with the edgy music and blissful soundtracks.

With all the partying and pregaming, 2018 is drifting away and 2019 is here to grip you.
With all the hangover and head hurting and insomniac and nostalgia and happiness in the morning, we hope you a wonderful year ahead.

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