About Kota City Blog

Kota City Blog is a Digital Media Company based in Kota, Rajasthan. Overtime, it has become the most trusted platform for people of Kota to – get news & updates of the city; promote their creative work; and read stories which matter. 

Kota City Blog also has a dedicated unit called KCB Business where we consult hundreds of local businesses in Kota for online promotions & digital marketing.

The Journey

Kota City Blog started in 2016 with an intent to connect the creative people of the city through events & online projects. Little did we think of becoming a media company at that time. But we continued doing awesome things and listened to a lot of people what they would want us to be, and we kept pivoting. We now provide news & updates, promote local businesses, curate experiences & give voice to causes which needs to be heard & supported.