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7 Photos of Seven Wonders Kota that’ll leave you awestruck!

We promise you wouldn’t have seen more amazing photographs of KST & Seven Wonders Kota before this blog post.

Ready to get amazed ?! Go ahead, check them out –>

1. How about this ?! You have seen Light-Trails before, and wondered how stunning they look. So we have captured Light-Trail of your favorite place. Isn’t this awesome

Lighttrails at Kishore Sagar Talav

2. Long Exposure of Seven Wonders Park taken from the other side.

Long Exposure of Seven Wonders Kota

Picture Credits: Sankalp Agarwal

3. The Beautiful Jag Mandir and the Thermal behind it

Jag Mandir Kota


Picture Credits: Bharat Sharma

4. Evenings at Kishore Sagar are getting more lively with time. Cool breeze, musical fountain, & amazing view, one can’t ask for more from this place.

Musical Fountain at kst Kota

Picture Credits: Abhimanyu Singh Hada

5. “Why go looking all over the world, when you have everything at one place.”

Seven Wonders Park, Kota

6. KST is a boon for photographers in the city. You don’t even have to leave the city to take great photographs, you just need to be somewhere around this place during the Golden Hours, and click the button ! [Photographers refer golden hours as the time just after sun-rise, and just before sun-set]

Jag Mandir Close up

Picture credits: Neeraj Joshi

7. Light-Trails are sexy ! That’s why we have another one for you.

places to see in Kota

Enjoyed the photographs ! Please share them with your friends, and we’ll continue to provide you more awesome stuff.

If you have click some brilliant photographs of KST & Seven Wonders, Kota. Send them to us- & we’ll add them to this list ! 



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