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Join Impact Talks – Session on scope of Innovation & Entrepreneurship in Tier 3 Cities

If you’re aspiring entrepreneur wanting to start your own venture, wouldn’t you like to know what is the scope of starting up in Kota?

If you’re entrepreneur wanting to scale up, wouldn’t you like to know what are the right networks & people you can connect to?

If you’re an investor or mentor, wouldn’t you like to know some of emerging startups of Kota & how’s the ecosystem doing here?

Impact Talks will answer such questions by providing you insights about Startup Ecosystem in Kota. Impact Talks has an amazing round of panelists, from successful startups to mentors and advisors  Impact Talks will also launch “Womenpreneur” for women entrepreneurs. 

Impact Talks - Startup Ecosystem in Kota


Impact Talks is presented by Startup Oasis & TedStart, organised in collaboration with Villgro, Career Point University & Kota City Blog



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Hi! I am an Entrepreneur & Digital Marketer and also the founder of Kota City Blog.

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