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KOTA GARH PALACE – Photo Story by Pratik Kathale

Kota ( formerly known as ‘Kotah’ ) has always been famous for its Palaces & Gardens.

Kota Garh Palace, also known as Kota Garh or City Palace Kota was built in 1264 C.E by Prince Jait Singh of Bundi. Today, Garh Palace, an architectural monument, serves as a peculiar window to times of Rajas and Maharajas. By visiting Garh Palace one definitely gets know about the history of Kota, traditions and rituals that were practiced in this region of Hadoti, and how the city has evolved into what we see it today.


Kota Garh Palace also houses an incredible Museum which has a rich collection of arms and armor, royal regalia and ritual paraphernalia, textiles and objects d’art, world famous miniature paintings and wall frescos.


Today, The Garh Palace remains in the heart of the ceremonial life of present Maharao Brijraj Singh of Kotah who presides at religious festivals and social gatherings throughout the year.


Pratik Kathale, a photographer recently visited the Palace and captured some alluring photographs of it. He was filled with gratitude and respect to the experience he had during his visit and got fascinated by the history of the city and the palace.

Mesmerizing Entrance of Kota Garh Palace




Inside Garh Palace 

Seeing those famous Miniature Paintings on the walls 

Pratik Khale has an Instagram handle by name – @_hawks. Follow him to see many other amazing photographs he shares there.

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