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After the Rangeelo Pushkar Mela, its time for an Utsav at Bundi festival!

Have you attended Bundi  Utsav?

The month of Kartik brings along many reasons to celebrate and enjoy it in the alluring state of Rajasthan. After the colorful & adventurous pushkar mela, its Bundi Utsav!

Bundi utsav or Bundi festival brings alive all the folks, arts and culture of the of the city in the month of Kartik. It adds more charm to the pleasing and pictursque frame of Bundi city.

Bundi Rajasthan
Bundi Rajasthan

This year the utsav was held from 17th -19th November, 2016.

Besides music, dance, and sightseeing, it had a lot more in its vault to offer. Cultural exhibitions, turban competition, bridal attire competition, deep daan, musical band competition were few of the many attractions.

Sparkling fireworks display added a magical view to the skies of the city. Bundi is one of the most beautiful city in the whole hadoti region of Rajasthan state  known for its forts, palaces, natural & scenic beauty.

Festivals in Rajasthan

It appears to be more charismatic in the early mornings of Kartik month when all the men and women dressed up in the traditional attire are seen doing pujas, offering prayers and seeking blessings on the banks of river chambal.

Bundi festival is truly a big Utsav for all the localities as well as for the travelers and tourists.

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Photographs by Hashit Gangal & Silverlance Digital


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